Q. When and how will I receive the digital photos from my session?

A. Generally your photos will be ready for download 7-14 days after the date of your session.  This allows me the time necessary to choose and edit your best photos. Rather than delivering flash drives or CDs, I upload your photos to a private online gallery where you can view and download them. Need assistance with downloading your photos? No problem! I am happy to help with any technical issues you may have and I can walk you through the process.

Q. Do you provide prints? What print labs do you recommend?

A. I do not provide prints, only the digital JPEG files with printing rights.  This gives you the freedom to make prints yourself and ultimately saves you money. Please use a professional lab for you prints!  It really makes a difference in terms of color accuracy, contrast, and overall quality. Two very good print labs I recommend are Nations Photo Lab (www.nationsphotolab.com) and MPIX (www.mpix.com). These labs provide a wide range of products and prints for very reasonable prices.

When you send your digital images to professional labs, they will often offer a "color correction" service.  I highly recommend that you DO NOT choose to have your prints color corrected because it can alter the way the images are intended to look. I edit all of your images on a color-calibrated screen to ensure your photos look good both on paper and on screen.  

Q. What is the best time of day to schedule an outdoor session?

A. I cannot emphasize enough how important light is in photography.  The quality, amount, and direction of light can have a huge impact on the quality and "feel" of portraits.  For outdoor sessions I prefer to shoot when the sun is low in the sky, so early evening or early morning. My favorite time to schedule sessions is during the last hour of sunlight when the sun casts a soft, warm, golden light. 

Q. Do you photograph weddings or engagements?

A. At this time I do not do weddings or engagement sessions.